About Adelaide Shower Seal

Mozaic red showerAdelaide Shower Seal

Leaking shower are causing a lot of trouble in many home today.

Being fully qualified tiler in wet areas we have been rectifying these issues for over 20 years.

Most of the time a faulty sealant is one of the problem. However, many other reasons can cause a shower to leak.

Adelaide Shower Seal can inspect, test and determinate all problems that is causing a leaking shower for a minimum cost.

We will provide you with a report that can be used for insurance claim and also with a non obligation quote.

No unrealistic promises given by a salesperson or a franchisee. Only a precise and appropriate quote established after some testing.

Only my business partner Nico and I will carry out the work that we have quoted. We will perform our task with flexibility to ensure your expectations are satisfied.

As we strongly recommend a reliable inspection before starting any repair, alternatively we can also provide you with a free visual quote.

The success of our business is based on using the perfect sealant combined with a long and meticulous preparation. We have the reputation of giving serious attention to details with first class workmanship. But most importantly, focusing on complete customer satisfaction is our priority.

As a result, we are confident and delighted in offering a 20 year sealer guarantee for your tranquility and a total peace of mind.

Please, let us taking care of your shower, it will be in good hands and we will look after it as if it was ours.